• Ritchie

The Tailored Experience

Continuing on our theme of blog posts on the services we offer we would like to take some time bringing a tailored experience to life.

Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness

What exactly is the Tailored Experience? Well here at the Mountain Men we want to remain as flexible as possible and to offer you what you want from a break in Scotland, you may not want to go to Skye or to tour the North Coast and have other ideas on what you want to see and do, that is where the tailored experience comes in, given enough notice we can "tailor" an experience to fit your requirements.

You may want it to be a private family affair as we recently did for a family from Glasgow. You may be celebrating an anniversary or over tracing your family roots and prefer some alone time here n there, maybe a group of friends on an adventure or a team building exercise with your work. Whatever your reasons we can tailor an experience to fit your needs and ensure you get the most out of your time.

Roubie and Gene from Montana visit Culloden

Most other aspects of the experience will be similar to that of a standard off the shelf experience (wait there

is no such thing as a standard experience, you get our meaning), you can pick and choose between backpacking equipment or the more luxurious glamping set up or even have a mixture of both depending on what exactly you want to achieve. All of Scotland is open to you and we will ensure you get to see what you want in the time allowed.

How does it work? Simply supply us with your "hit list," the must see places and attractions, give us the time you have to spend and the number in your group and we will work it all out for you. We will ask a few questions, throw in some options and advise you along the way, whatever you want we can probably manage. Once we know exactly what you want and the rest of the detail we will enter it into our calculator and come out with a value for money price, the price will be for the entire experience and based on your requirements, we can even break the price down to individual prices for you.

The Cummings Family from Glasgow and Australia come together again

Basically the message is speak to us and we can sort anything out for you, recently Roubie and Gene from Glasgow, Montana were on a mission, whilst here in Scotland they were trying to achieve what seemed like the impossible given the time they had available to them. Cue The Mountain Men, not only did we manage their hit list but threw in a few other gems along the way, not least of all introducing Roubie to Tunnocks Tea Cakes. In the process they had a relaxing experience, we all made friends and I think they would agree had a great time.

Scotland is a beautiful country, full of history and culture and there are no rules on what you see and do, anything is possible and we can help ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. If you don't see an experience you fancy then maybe you should talk to us about a "Tailored Experience" you may be surprised how reasonable it can be.