• Ritchie

The BackPacker Experience

For our first featured service we are going to spend some time bringing our BackPacker Experience to life.

Dec 01 in the Hidden Valley, Glencoe

What exactly is the BackPacker Experience? Well the clue is in the title. A complete wild camp taking you to remote locations which involve a degree of walking in. As we are going to be a bit of a distance away from the vehicles the kit needs to be packed in for the night hence the name. We do include a bit of a twist in that on most occasions we won't be revealing where you are going to spend the night, we like the sense of drama and a big reveal. A bit of the wow factor as your night time location will be somewhat stunning and worth the trek. If we believe the trek in to be arduous such as our recent St Andrew's Day Hidden Valley Experience we will publish this fact but for the most part you will be taking a nice walk carrying your home for the night on your back.

The 4x4 packed for 4 guests

We will supply everything you need for the experience, we will come to you and pick you up and supply you with a packed rucksack ready to go. Inside there will be a tent, a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooker and pots, mug and plate with spork, head torch and spare batteries, a bin bag for rubbish (we tend to just use one of these though to cut down on waste), even some toilet wipes and hand sanitise. Your gear will be waterproofed inside and there will be a bit of room for you to put in some personal kit for the night, in the words of Paul Daniels "Not a lot" but enough for some wee luxuries and a change of clothes. If we haven't listed it here we probably have thought of it and it will be in there. You are of course welcome to bring your own kit if you prefer. Your pack before you put your own gear in will weigh around 12kg.

Brooke being Queen of the Castle on her BackPacker

Your day will start with us coming as local to you as possible, once we have picked everyone up we will head off on a bit of a tour, take you somewhere interesting, something to see and/or do. It could be an old castle, a new castle, a picturesque location, who knows, with the air of mystery your day will unfold.

We may head North but actually be staying South for the night, who can tell, we do like to keep you guessing, it is all part of the romance and intrigue of the BackPacker Experience. We promise you when we do settle we will take you somewhere memorable.

lunch stop on our first ever BackPacker

During the tour phase of the day we will stop somewhere for lunch and there will be time for coffee stops etc, these are not included in the cost and are completely optional, you are welcome to bring a pack lunch of you prefer.

Lunch over we will start to make our way toward your night time location and camp. On arrival at the drop off location we will supply you your pack, give you time to put in your own personal gear and select your meal and drink options for packing, get your pack comfortable and then we will be off for a wee walk.

walking in by the beach

On most BackPackers the walk in will be pretty straight forward and not too strenuous, we won't be rushing you as well that's just not what we do, enjoy it and get ready for the reveal.

Arriving on location will see a hive of activity, getting the tents up and making your living space comfortable, you may be sharing with a new friend (not opposite sex) or you may be in on your own (you can request a single tent if you prefer). Either way we will all muck in to get you set up, there will always be at least 1 Mountain Man there helping and on hand throughout.

Once the camp is set your time is your own, you can sit and relax and take in the scene, head off exploring the area or a mixture of both, your call. You will not be restricted to meal times as you have your own cooker and meal packs and can sort dinner and breakfast when you are ready. Essentially make the most of your experience.

St Andrew's Day in Glen Etive

In the morning after breakfast we will pack up and head home, we won't rush you awake in the morning, we kinda like this chilled out time of day and when all ready we will trek back tot he vehicle(s) and be off. It is intended at this point for the quick route back but you never know, if there is something worth seeing on the way back we may just have one last surprise.

Our BackPacker Experience retails at a price of £87.50 per person (group and family discount may be available) and lasts around 30 - 33 hours. For dates and to book visit us here