• Ritchie

Scotland's Route 66

Our 3rd instalment of our featured service blogs focuses on the North Coast 500 or as it is nicknamed Scotland's Route 66.

Glen Docherty looking down to Loch Maree

Like the Skye Experience our NC500 is more wild glamping than wild camping, the tents are walk in tents and under occupied which enables us to fit in folding cot beds for that extra bit of comfort, each tent has room to sit and enjoy a moment or a coffee or just to relax before or after bedtime. With that in mind we also supply chairs, camping chairs, some single and for those cozy moments we have a few double chairs, though snuggling up is not compulsory.

Outdoor cooking

Dinner and breakfast is cooked over an open fire and to date we have managed to rustle up both meat and vegetarian chilli, stews, our world renowned Bacon Double Cheeseburgers (even chips to go with them on occasion), steak, haggis and our breakfast rolls go down a treat. Every meal has a vegetarian option on request and we have even went gluten free in the past.

For outside comfort we have canopies and wind breaks and we have even got a room sized midgie net which has yet to be trialled. Talking of comfort we bring along a covered toilet, it is eco friendly and private, though always a source of amusement for some reason. Our toilet comes with the usual, toilet roll, wipes and hand sanitise, hot water and a basin available on request. It has it's own wee light bulb which generally speaking stays on all night and we situate it discreetly out of the way (and earshot).

Dunnet Head Lighthouse overlooking Orkney

So why should you join us on Scotland's Route 66? Well if you like tower blocks and concrete jungles then you probably should stay at home, if on the other hand you want reveal after reveal of outstanding scenery, beauty spots and nature at it's very best then you should be straight on our booking site after reading this, in fact don't wait book now ;)

You will see rugged, barren landscapes and won't be able to understand how our ancestors survived in them, glorious beaches which will call you no matter the weather, views out to sea that will simply capture your hearts, waterfalls, towering mountains, clifftops, castles, distilleries and so much more. If lucky we will dine with the red deer, marvel at the playful seals and sea otters and marvel as the eagles soar overhead. So much to see, keeping your jaw from dropping will be the hard part of this journey.

Lazy Seal Sunday

Much like the Skye Experience and indeed all our experiences there will be no rushing you around, we want you to enjoy it, to see it for real and not just through the lens of a camera, there is nothing like saving the image in your memory to bring back anytime you feel like it. Now don't get us wrong, you will use up a lot of space on your phone or camera happy snapping (don't worry we have 4 charging points in the van) but you can also drink it in for yourself.

Gairloch Beach

We have 4 days and 3 nights to get to the start point in Inverness and cover the 508 miles (actually more like 539 with us as we may dip in and out of the NC500 here n there). Day 1 and Day 4 will be long days but they won't feel like it, we build in various stops for comfort and coffee so you won't be stuck in the van all day, we also know how to just kick back and allow you the time you need. Days 2 and 3 by contrast are much slower pace and a lot less distance to cover. All 4 days you are going to love, well you may start to hate us around tea time on day 4 when you realise you are nearly home, sorry but we can't keep you out indefinitely.

The Majestic Suilven

Now we can't force you to come with us on this epic road-trip, oh we have made it excellent value for money, we offer 5 star treatment and we can even try to fit dates to your needs but if you don't want to come with us then that is fine, if you feel that way though can we urge you to please do this trip at some point, you won't be disappointed.

When we camp nothing is rushed, go to bed when you want, get up when you want, the bedrooms are of the black out type so the morning sun should not disturb you but who wants to lie in when you are surrounded by so much beauty, (and that is just us, is this joke getting old yet?)

Dinner will be cooked over the campfire with a wee drink, in the morning there will be coffee, tea, etc, we have a choice of cereal, fruit n yogurt, hot rolls, sometimes even a full fry up but that is quite rare. After breakfast we will pack up and continue on with your experience.

This is a fantastic few days, your cameras will be busy, your mind in overdrive and you will make some fantastic memories and probably some new friends.

Now before I end this blog I would like you to understand this is a muck in experience, we all get involved setting camp, taking camp down, you are welcome to help with the dishes etc, don't worry we won't work you too hard but doing it this way allows us to keep costs down, I think you will agree that 4 days and 3 nights all inclusive for £149 (£112 for children) is well worth the experience.

This location is a secret ;)