• Ritchie

Promises, Promises, Promises!

Well that's us folks, we have moved into a New Year and a whole new decade. Most people at this time of year have made and broken their promises for a better year ahead, hey we are all human are we not? We have a few promises you can be sure we will keep.

This is the time businesses are looking at where they can either make savings or increase revenues, that normally means services are affected or it is going to cost us more going forward.

Our first promise to you is an easy one....No price hikes throughout 2020. That's right 2019 prices stay for the next year. Now our prices are pretty damn good anyway but in promising you no increase you know we are giving you value for money.

Our next promise is also pretty easy also, no cutting corners in service delivery, the 5 star service people have come to enjoy and rightfully expect will be the benchmark for 2020. It is not our strive to achieve position, it is what we expect of ourselves and what we promise to give you.

Our next promise is to get better, we are still in our infancy as a company, a new business, a start up and we are learning as we go. Oh yes we have the concept well sorted, we are good at our delivery when out and about but we refuse to rest on our laurels so to speak, some of you will have heard us mention "every day is a school day" it surely is and we will run with that in the back of our heads always, where we can make improvements we will and if we need to cut some stuff out we will do that also.

Our last promise is all of the above, we promise to ensure we give you an experience that is true to our watchwords of "Quality, Fairness and Value." We will do everything possible to ensure when you leave us regardless of whether it is after a course or an experience you are thinking about the next time.......

Before we go can we thank everyone of you for your support over the past couple of years, we have moved from a small band of nutters on the hills for charity into an avenue for instruction and now a stand alone business which relies on your support, we will always strive to earn that support and thank you so much for giving it so readily.