• Ritchie

Merry Xmas Everyone

As 2019 comes to an end and we all relax with a belly full of turkey and stuffing, we here at The Mountain Men would like to wish you all the best for the season.

Soon it will all be over and 2020 will be upon us, it will bring the usual hangovers, sore heads and messy front rooms which in itself will soon be cleared and normal service will resume.

2019 for us has had it's ups and downs, The Mountain Men became The Mountain Men Ltd and for some that has meant struggle, long hours and lots of work with well to be honest a lot of return. Oh it will take a while for our wee business to sustain a living but the rewards have come in other forms. Seeing our glorious country up close and in all weathers has been one such reward, meeting new friends and watching them enjoy their time with us has been another. Knowing we are building something great is also very pleasing.

2020 for us is a big year, we have more work to do to establish the brand and then there is Everest Base Camp in September. A big year indeed.

Whatever 2020 holds in store for the rest of you we wish you all the best, we hope you get what you want and hope to see you all out on one of our experiences having fun. Escaping for a bit is not only fun but it is necessary and we offer not just an escape but a 5 star stunning escape.

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