• Ritchie

Fits and Starts

Being an ex infantry soldier I am used to things going slowly for long periods of time and suddenly erupting, whilst I am most definitely not comparing my current role to that of a previous life it does sometimes have it's comparisons.

This past week or so is a prime example, we have been running our Christmas promotions and working on the new look website for 2020. Most of the past week to ten days have been bogged down with behind the scenes work getting everything ready and dealing with the incoming requests, it has been a bit tedious at times and slow going and then there was yesterday.....

Our last offer of our Christmas promotion was pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves. 5 people would pick up a voucher which would allow them to come as a guest on any of our Experiences they chose but alas not including The Everest Experience. The price was a meagre £50 meaning large savings on our longer Experiences. More the lucky 5 customers were to be entered into a draw for an additional free voucher, the winner of this could see savings as high as £420.

With less than 10 minutes before we were due to go live on Facebook to conduct our live draw and surprisingly having only sold 3 vouchers we suddenly got inundated with requests, there was a bit of pressure for a few minutes, some juggling and a few apologies "sorry, you have missed out this time". In the end it all came together and we went on air on time and Joseph picked himself up a second voucher. Well done Joe.

And then came the website, all the hard work has paid off and well here we are releasing the new site early. The plan had been to release it at midnight on Jan 01st but let's face it, that was never going to happen and our fall back was to release it on Jan 02nd.

That was before last night and everything came together once more and we decided to release early rather than late.

We are quite happy with the end result, it seems a bit easier to manoeuvre through the site and well folks judge for yourselves.

And so it is Christmas Eve, most of the work is complete, there is some stuff to tidy away but we can relax a bit and I for one better get out and pick up some presents lol. Whilst we are not out and about at the moment we will be around to answer any questions etc, maybe not quite as fast as normal because we are kinda under orders to chill out a bit hehe.

Before I go on behalf of all The Mountain Men may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020. We hope to see you all at some point in the New Year.