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Each week for the next few weeks we are going to write a wee blog which highlights one of our services, tell you a bit more about what we offer and what you can expect from The Mountain Men.

Davie takes a break on Skye

Before we get into all that though we would like to take some time to explain a few things about the way we conduct our business.

We have 2 sides to our business, on one hand we run our Hill Safety Courses and on the other our "Experiences." Two completely different services with the same goal, getting out and enjoying our beautiful country to it's fullest.

One thing that is a given on any of our services is a sense of fun and enjoyment, life is to short not to have a good time.

Ritchie posing on a snowy mountain

Now a bit on our courses, we do not hold any civilian qualifications...."Why Not?" we hear you ask. Let us explain.

Ritchie is our instructor, he is an ex infantry soldier and ex infantry training instructor with years of knowledge and teaching under his belt. We could hit you with a lot of waffle here but let's cut the bull, he is good at his job and knows what he is talking about.

Now we looked at getting civilian qualifications, following the guidelines etc but we didn't, the reasons..putting it simply, time and money, YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

Our courses are designed to cut through the bull, we like to do that, to teach you the skills you need and to deliver them in an effective manner, we are not trying to get rich off of the back of our courses, we want you to be safe and have the confidence and skills to have a great time out walking our hills.

Camp without a campfire....NO!

Now for some words on our "Experiences". To start with why do we call them that, is it not just a tour? Well I think if you asked anyone that has been on one they would tell you it is not just a tour, it is "your tour" and that is key. Other tours operators will load you up and take you to A and onto B and C and then D if you are lucky, you will get 10 minutes at A, maybe 15 minutes at B etc etc etc.

Our experiences have one timing, our pick up time and then the clock goes "oot the windae". We don't want you to have 10 minutes anywhere, we want you to take the time you need, be that 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even just a few minutes if that is all you need. Sure we will show you A, B, C and D, maybe even E, F, G and H etc but we will do it in your time.

Not running to the clock benefits us in so many ways, not least of all there is no pressure, is that not what we want when we go away on a break, the ability to relax? Why rush Scotland's beauty?

cheeky wee fella dead centre, a real poser

Another benefit is we don't miss much. A prime example of this was during a NC500 Experience. We happened to notice some seals basking on the rocks close into the shore as we were driving along, one of the guests asked if we could stop for photo's, Ritchie who was driving was already pulling over when she asked the question, I mean who would want to miss this experience? We got real close and some great

photo's, mostly we made a fantastic memory. As we did this at-least 2 coach tours went past, they have deadlines, times to meet, places to be, now some on the coaches probably caught a fleeting glimpse of the seals, most may have heard they were there, not many if any made the memories we did that day.

You should by now be getting to know how we operate, we have 3 watch words. "Quality, Fairness and Value." These are simple mantras to live by, we give you a great product, deliver it to you in a fair and equal manner and we won't rip you off in the process. We have been told on loads of occasions we are "TOO CHEAP!"... "Who tells you that?" Guests having a great time tell us that. However here is the thing, we don't think we are too cheap, we think everyone else is TOO EXPENSIVE!