• Ritchie

Corona Virus and The Mountain Men

With uncertainty around Covid-19 (commonly known as Corona Virus) we would like to set out our position on a couple of issues. We will keep it short and to the point.

1. If you feel symptoms or are at risk from being infected with Covid-19 please do not attend any of our courses or experiences, follow government and medical guidelines at the time.

2. If for any reason you feel you need to cancel either a course or an experience due to Covid-19 our standard terms and conditions for cancellation will be in place, you can see full details of these at, that said, our first and preferred option will be to assist you in re-booking, regardless of when you need to cancel. We will re-book you on a later course or experience at no cost to you where possible, we will however need proof that the cancellation is due to Covid-19, such as a letter from you doctor. To be clear if you need to self isolate and are due to be on a Skye Experience or any other experience or course the next day we will waive the cancellation policy in so much as we will offer you a new date at no cost to you where possible. This upon proof being received.

3. This re-booking policy will only be available to the person or persons affected by Covid-19, if you booked as a group of 8 for example and 7 of you are fine to travel then standard cancellation policy will apply with the exception being the 1 person affected by Covid-19. So if you choose to cancel the day before because your friend cannot travel, 7 of you will lose your full booking fee with no options being made available. If you booked as a family then it is likely your whole family will have to self isolate and so long as your doctor supplies us with written proof of this we will re-book your family group at no cost to you.

We think you will agree that in these uncertain times we are being as fair as we can be, we want you on our experiences and courses and want you to have a great time and where we can offer peace of mind we will.