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The Mountain Men are about more than just camping. For 2020 we will run two different courses, The Hill Navigation and Safety Course is a 5hr course during which we will touch on how to deal with casualties (not first aid), emergency shelters and kit to carry when walking the hills. We will also teach you map reading and how to navigate using a map and a compass, the effective way.


​​Our 2nd course is more for the advanced navigator and covers winter navigation, you will be a confident navigator in standard conditions and ready to take the next step, the skills you have learned on the HNSC will stand you in good stead for this course but be warned the hills can look very different in full winter conditions.

​​​We do run a 3rd course on request , our Hill Safety Course is a shortened version of our Hill Navigation and Safety Course, we run it over 3.5hrs. Whilst we do cover almost everything the same as per the Hill Navigation Course we will not have time at the end to confirm the skills have sunk in, we will still go through the same content however. This course is for people who just cannot make it out at weekends for whatever reason. 

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