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The Mountain Men, recently awarded "Tour Company of the Year: Scotland" in the 2020 Travel and Hospitality Awards are organised and managed by Ritchie Nash, a family man and ex Scottish Infantry soldier. Ritchie prides himself in making The Mountain Men the best they can be and on giving you the best experience possible. Three watchwords, "Quality, Fairness and Value" Not just words to The Mountain Men, they are our promise to you and ourselves to be the best, to give you the best, to ensure we don't just give you a tour, we give you an Experience, a very Scottish Experience.


The Scottish Experience

Scotland's Premier Wild Camp Experience

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Not a tour, an Experience! Our passion is Scotland and showing you the very best side of her. Our joy is in seeing the expression of joy light up your faces. Our job is to give you the very best experience possible and we are very good at our job. Oh and don't let the name put you off, we may show you lots of mountains in our travels but we won't force you to climb any. 

We have an experience for all of you, whether it is the lightweight BackPacker Experience or  the more substantial Skye, NC500 and Scotland Experiences which are a bit more luxurious than ordinary camping, you may prefer our new for 2020 Arran Experience that combines the best of both worlds as we explore the island known as "Scotland in Miniature, whatever you choose we will cater for your needs and we promise you an amazing time visiting our homeland. If you are planning to see Scotland then there is no better way to see her up close and personal. If you can't see an experience to suit your needs please speak to us, we can tailor a trip for your family or your group.

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The BackPacker Experience

Our BackPacker Experience is the ultimate way to see Scotland in the wild.

A complete wild camp experience we will take you to the more remote areas of our beautiful country, you will see  places most tourists don't know exist

The Skye Experience

The Magical Isle of Skye, the stuff of myths and legends, of majesty and charm.

Over 3 days and 2 nights we will unravel some of the mysteries (not all) of this beautiful island.

More of a wild glamp than camp you can't fail to be impressed.

The NC500 Experience

The North Coast 500, Scotland's Route 66, a road trip packed full of beauty and memories.

4 days and 3 nights of the wow factor, reveal after reveal, your camera best be charged and ready for this one. Marvel as the landscape changes before your eyes.

The Arran Experience

Scotland in Miniature is how Arran is affectionately known. This beautiful little island off the west coast of Scotland has it all.

3 days and 2 nights we will spend on this extended BackPacker Experience showing her off to you.

There is so much to see and do you will love your time there.

Our Courses

Hill Navigation and Safety

Navigate anywhere in the world, any conditions, day or night...on land. 

That's right folks we will teach you the skills you need to get around even in poor conditions, using a map and a compass we will cut through the bull and teach you what you need to know.

But wait there's more, we will take you through some emergency situations designed to get you thinking and touch on kit you really should be carrying when you head out, don't worry though we will show you both lightweight and inexpensive solutions which may just make a big difference.

Remember when planning a day out to ask yourself this..."What if?"

Winter Navigation

What do you do when your visibility drops to zero, when you can't tell the horizon from the skyline, when conditions go outside your comfort zone.

This course will take you to the next level, build your confidence in extreme weather conditions and show you that you can come home safely even in blizzard conditions.

Already competent in normal conditions but ready to go a step further, this is the course for you.

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